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Thursday, February 08, 2007

rebuilding in Lebanon

I just ran across the artricle from the Catholic News Service:

Like others, Lebanese Christians in South work to rebuild lives
The town of Khiam sits atop a rocky hillside, with breathtaking views across Israel to the south and the snowcapped peaks of the Golan Heights to the east.

But during Israeli attacks against the militant group Hezbollah last summer, four-fifths of the town's buildings were completely or partially destroyed, and the surrounding olive groves and farmland remain littered with unexploded cluster bombs.

Among the badly damaged buildings were two of the town's four Christian churches, for although Khiam is populated predominantly by Shiite Muslims, it is also home to a small Christian community struggling, like everybody else, to rebuild their normal lives after the war.

"Before the Israeli invasion of South Lebanon in 1978, 25 percent of the population here were Christians," said Pierre Wanna, 28, a local Christian. "Now there are only 25 families out of a total of 700."
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St. Charbel Makhlouf pray for the faithful in your country of Lebanon that they may find peace and safety in the comfort of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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