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Sunday, October 22, 2006

US Bishops Set to Tell Catholics Opposed to Teaching on Abortion or Homosexuality not to Receive Communion

From LifeSite News:
The U.S. bishops will vote on a proposed document, "Happy Are Those Who Are Called To His Supper: On Preparing To Receive Christ Worthily in the Eucharist" during their annual November meeting in Baltimore, Nov. 13-16.

The document, addressed to all the faithful, points out that Catholics may not receive communion if they do not accept Church teaching on matters such as abortion and homosexuality. Catholics should refrain from Holy Communion, says the document, "when they lack adherence to what the Church authoritatively teaches on matters of faith and morals."

The document is designed to help Catholics properly prepare to receive Holy Communion. It is organized as a series of questions and answers, and explores topics such as what the Catholic Church believes about the Eucharist, who may receive Holy Communion, and how Catholics can prepare to receive the sacrament more worthily. Read Entire Article

It will be interesting to see what comes of this. I think that the Church's teaching on the reception of the Eucharist needs to be highlighted much more. We need more priests and bishops like the one's I've found in the parish that I've been attending since my recent move.

I had a priest specifically ask me if I had received the Eucharist while in a state of sin during a recent visit to the confessional. There's no getting off the hook in this parish! Thankfully, I was able to tell him that no I had not received while being conscious of grave sin. It would be nice to see more priests and bishops step up with some tough spiritual directing.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Pray the Rosary for Pope Benedict XVI

Join in praying the rosary for Pope Benedict XVI as he prepares for his trip to Turkey on Nov. 28-Dec. 1.

Thanks to Moneybags at A Catholic Life

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Luukas and Betuska

Luukas has had test ran on his hearing and eyesight. His parents are awaiting the results. Early indications point to some problems but their severity is not yet known.

I'm also adding Baby Betuska to the "Babies of the World" prayer list. Betuska is being treated in a hospital in Prague. At first it seemed that she was developing allergies to almost every food they tried to give her. Now it seems that she is actually suffering from some type of disease. Her doctors are searching for similar cases to try to figure out treatment. Please add her to your prayers.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm still here

I apologize for not updating the blog much recently. I have lost focus lately. With a new job, living in a new state, meeting new people, etc. I have lost sight of what is important. It seems like I've been put to a spiritual test. One, that to this point, I have been failing miserably. Today's gospel and homily seemed to be a well timed reminder that we have to shrug off the baggage that is weighing us down and follow Christ will all of our being. I think it's a real sign of God's love and power that just when you need a swift kick there is Christ speaking TO YOU through the Gospel and others such as the priest delivering today's homily.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Catholic Carnival is up

Catholic Carnival #88

Luukas updates

Luukas is battling a virus in his throat. He will be having neurological tests this week. Keep him in your prayers.