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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Luukas' latest test results

From Luukas' mom:


Luukas' EEG is still highly abnormal, with epileptic spikes so he is still getting medicine. We are now changing his baby-medicine to adult-medicine because he is so "big" already. He has never had an attack but he has some little uncontrolled movements.

Luukas has brain damage, but there are also good cells, even in the cortex. So perhaps I should forget the words of an ICU neurologist in June: "terrible, terrible damage". The lower parts of the brain, the better. Luukas' cerebellum is almost completely untouched, while in June they told us it was squeezed by the swelling in his brain.

Funny thing is that Luukas has much damage in the hearing area of his brain, but his hearing is normal. His eyesight is progressing, although it is still far from perfect, and the vision part of Luukas' brain is not very bad, so in time he might see better and better.

Luukas' current neurologist says she can't say how he will develop, but he will be developing.

Thank you and please continue to pray for Luukas.

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