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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Don't 'leave God at the door,' Fargo bishop tells Catholic lawmakers

Catholic politicians must not "leave God at the door" when they walk into the Legislature, but rather must ensure that every decision they make and every bill they pass protect human life and dignity, Bishop Samuel J. Aquila of Fargo said in a column for the diocesan newspaper.

The same obligation not to "abandon God" applies to every Catholic, whatever his or her line of work, the bishop added in the edition of New Earth newspaper that went to press Feb. 15.
Biship Aquila is of course correct. We must remember to not abandon God in our places of work. I work at a publicly funded univeristy where like most the line between Church and State is always watched. Personally, I think that line is over emphasized and abused.

Anyway, I don't try to push my Faith down the throats of my co-workers. As a matter of fact, I'm afraid that sometimes I don't show it at all. I feel that I often fail at living my faith at work. This is something I definately have to work on.

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