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Saturday, February 24, 2007

another Friday lunch option

I found this interesting.

'Colonel Sanders' asks Pope for special sandwich blessing
The U.S. based Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) company, long known for its fast-food chicken is planning to sell fish for the first time and has asked for Pope Benedict XVI’s blessing.

For Lent this year the company is introducing a “Fish Snacker Sandwich,” and has sent a letter to the Holy Father, letting him know.

"This is the first time KFC has ever served fish nationally, and we believe that the new sandwich could make it easier and more affordable for Catholics to observe the tenets of their faith," KFC President Greg Dedrick wrote in a letter to the Pope earlier this month.

According to the AP, the letter asks the Holy Father for a special blessing and offers him a sample of the sandwich.
Well at least I know I have another lunch option on Friday. This week I went to Long John Silver's and asked, "does that combo include chicken" since it didn't really say on the menu and the picture wasn't clear. The guy immeadiately said, "yes it comes with one piece of fish and one piece of chicken but we are happy to substitute the chicken for fish instead". I thought it was funny that he knew exactly what I was getting at. I always like how McDonald's runs the "double fish filet" special during Lent.

Yeah, of course they are trying to make a few extra bucks. I work in marketing so I understand. But I do appreciate places like that making it easier to order something without meat during Lent.

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