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Friday, February 09, 2007

EU Threatens to Withdraw Aid to Nicaragua if Pro-Life Law Remains

Representatives from the European Union are increasing pressure on the government of Nicaragua to reverse its recent law which unilaterally forbids abortion under any circumstances. According to a report from the Catholic News Agency, the EU representation has threatened to withdraw economic assistance to the country if the abortion law is not reversed.

Nicaragua’s new abortion law was unanimously voted in by the Nicaraguan Legislature in October, 2006 and signed into law by then President Enrique Bolanos the following month. Nicaragua’s new president, Daniel Ortega voiced his support of the pro-life law in his election campaign.

Marc Litvine, the EU representative to Nicaragua, said that the EU regards legalized abortion as “linked to aid programs against poverty and to the rights of women”. He expressed hope that “the new government will be capable of opening the debate and discussing it outside the passion of the electoral season.”

According to the article opponents to the law are blasting government officials saying that the law was used as an election platform. Hmm, politicians used this law as a platform, they were elected, and passed the law unanimously. Sounds like the people spoke to me.

“That’s where I see one of the contradictions of the new government; it claims to be progressive, very modern, and it is going backwards because for us [the pro-life law] is a step back.” Mark Litvine, EU representative to Nicaragua

I never ceased to be amazed that people can really see the systematic extermination of human lives as the mark of human progress.


Anonymous said...

Would you be so kind to sen us any evidence about what Marc Litvine said ? With some prooves we can start an against him and it's Commissioner for External Relations.
Email :

Chris said...

my only reference for this is the story linked to the title of the post