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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Update on Luukas . . . not good

From his godfather:

The situation is that Luukas breaths himself without ventilator. He looked awake when I have seen him 2 days ago. He is also not anymore in the intensive care. The doctors are however very pesimistic about the brain condotion as on Thursday there was not activity (EEG). So from this point of view there is almost no hope that baby will recover and live conscious life and i am affraid that parents also takes this as fact. I would say they would need now our prayers to recover their hope and trust in the miracle that we are all praying for. So far I understood they are tired but now it is up to us help we have to really believe and really hope instead of them. I personally dont give up and i hope that Luukas will be fine. I thank you also on behalf of parents for your prayers , but continue, we are praying for big miracle
Please remember to keep Baby Luukas and his family in your prayers.

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