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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update on Baby Luukas

From his dad:

Today's word: Luukas is showing great signs of progress. He breathes himself most of the time, and reacts to touching by moving his mouth, eyelids, fingers and legs. He even moved his eyes a bit today, though they do not react to light yet. These new signs of life almost invariably seem to start when his mother is touching him. The doctor said today that he still has a high content of thiopentane in his blood, and that it might take a week (from last Sunday) before he is fully awake. She estimated to have him breathe without the machine the day after tomorrow. Luukas has also been taken off almost all medication and his heart and kidneys are doing just fine. It seems that in a few days, he will be able to leave the intensive care unit. Tomorrow they are planning to run a magnetic scan of his brain (which was initially scheduled for Monday). Please continue praying that the results would be good and the recovery complete.
This little guy has been faced with the fight of his life, for his life, in his first week of life. Continue to pray that he continues to improve to a full recovery.

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