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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Update on Baby Luukas

The Catholic Message Board - View topic - Luukas' brain scan
From Luukas' dad:

We have now received the results of the brain scan. Unfortunately, it shows great damage in his little brain. He will be on anti-epileptic medication, and the doctors expect him to develop very slowly and have problems with both movement and intellect. He will most likely get off the breathing machine tomorrow, and leave the intensive care unit shortly. The doctors did not see any reason to keep him in the hospital very long, so it seems he is coming home in a few weeks, with periodic checkups and treatments in the hospital, as well as physiotherapy at home. It seems that his sight is OK, but they will run an EEG to check his brain and its reactions more tomorrow.
Please continue to pray for a miracle in the complete healing of Luukas.

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