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Friday, June 23, 2006

God's Invisible Hand

I am currently reading God's Invisible Hand: The Life and Work of Francis Cardinal Arinze. Gerald O'Connell presents the transcripts of several interviews he conducted with Cardinal Arinze over four years. The content of the interviews is arranged in chronological order from 1932 to 2002. I'm about halfway through it and already I'm confident in recommending it as a worthy read.

As I read what Cardinal Arinze has to say about "God's Invisible Hand" I can't help but think about the workings of God's hand in my own life. It's amazing to look back and see what events, as insignificant as they seemed at time, have shaped your journey through life.

For instance, I had no intentions of attending the University that I did. It was only a few months before classes started that a new teacher introduced me to the idea of attending this particular school. There I met someone who invited me to my first Mass at St. Joseph's. Over a few years I attended Mass sporadically at St. Joseph's until someone I worked with happened to see me at church one Sunday and invite me to the University parish, St. Thomas Aquinas. Soon after I was attending Mass every Sunday and two years later I'm Catholic!

Along the way there are several key people that had I never met I may not be where I am right now. You never know when the smallest event is going to have a big and long lasting impact.

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