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Thursday, May 03, 2007

meeting update

I had my meeting with Fr. Brian this week. As it turns out, another priest in the Archdiocese sent him the original email suggesting that he contact me. Fr. Brian had the impression that someone else had told the other priest about me. At any rate, I have no idea who sent the email. Since they used my email address that I only use for this blog I have to assume it was a reader. I guess God works in mysterious ways. Actually, that was Fr. Brians response after he asked me if I new this other priest and I told him no.

At any rate, Fr. Brian asked me to take the next year to really try to listen to what God is saying. He suggested that I contact on of the sisters at the center about spiritual direction, take part in the center's discernment group, take a class at the center, and really try to beef up my prayer and sacramental life.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like very good advice.

Re prayer, are you familiar with the Liturgy of the Hours? It is beautiful, once familiar with.

Chris said...

Yeah, I have a copy of Christian Prayer. I did pretty good with Morning and Evening prayer for a while but didn't keep it up. I need a new 2007 guide. I ordered one but haven't gotten it yet.

Anonymous said...

I could've sent you mine. Oh well. (I moved to the three volume one, you see)

Keep it up. It eventually starts to resonate in a strange, beautiful, and slightly unspeakable way.

Father Klingele said...

I was the one who passed your name and email on to Fr. Brian and suggested that he contact you. I was directed to your blog by - I think - Kansas City Catholic and after reading a couple of past writings about priesthood/marriage/vocations, I felt compelled to assist in any way that I could. I thought myself to be following a prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Every man should pray and discern a vocation to the priesthood . . . and yes even desire it. Where the Lord calls us he will. And if he calls you to marriage, you will be a better husband for having seriously discerned a vocation to the sacred priesthood.

God bless you, and I will remember you in my Holy Hour and during my offering of Holy Mass Tuesday.

Fr. Brian Klingele

Chris said...

Father Klingele,

First off, thank you for clearing up the mystery.

Also, thank you for you advice and prayers.

I'm starting to see that all of the good things that I appreciate about St. Lawrence are a reflection of the Archdiocese.