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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Some good articles from Arkansas Catholic

I like to keep up with what's going on in the Diocese of Little Rock so from time to time I check out the Arkansas Catholic website. I think I may go ahead and take out a subscription since the website doesn't include all of the weekly articles. At any rate, there are three really great articles that I wanted to share.

In, RCIA impact felt in Arkansas and beyond, three converts to the Catholic Faith who are making an impact on thier communities and the world by sharing their Faith are profiled.

A minority, but Crossett Catholics witness to their neighbors shows how a small community of Catholics can band together to share the Faith with thier neighbors. It also highlights our need to pray for priestly vocations. The area focused on in this article has many problems with poverty and declining resources. I went on a mission trip there a couple of years ago. The article mentions St. Mary's in McGehee. On the church grounds is a former Franciscan friary that is now used to house mission groups and is where we stayed. I can witness to the problems the area faces with two priests trying to cover four parishes that are seperated by 45 miles. The priests that were there when I visted, both have been reassigned to other parishes, definately faced thier fair share of challenges.

Finally, It's a 'Christian responsibility' to share the faith, discusses how we can strengthen our own Faith by sharing it with others. I'll quote part of this article to get you interested.

Sharing our faith with others helps each of us as well as the Catholic Church. We trace ourselves back to the early Christian communities, who despite the discrimination and persecutions they experienced, continued to attract converts by their community spirit -- their support and care for each other. We need to revive that spirit. We strengthen our own faith when we share it with others. It is also a means of fellowship with one another. Sharing how we have experienced our faith gives us new ideas to help us continue to grow in our faith but it also creates bonds between us and leads to true caring for each other. How many people in today's world crave the support and care that the Christian community can provide?

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