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Thursday, May 10, 2007

When God's law isn't good enough . . .

I just saw this article on

Gay bishop plans civil union with partner of 18 years
The article is about Gene Robinson, the openly gay Episcopalian bishop in New Hampshire.

He and his partner are planning to have separate civil and religious ceremonies to enter into a civil union.

"We need to separate the civil rights from the religious rites,"

"Religious people and religious organizations who are not yet ready to offer the church's or the synagogue's blessings on such unions might be supportive of full civil rights for this country's gay and lesbian citizens"
Really? It seems to me that "bishop" Robinson is saying that God's law is no good for our country. Which unfortunately isn't all that uncommon of a opinion. But it seems like "bishop" Robinson has put himself in a bit of a bind here. By suggesting that civil rights and religious rites be separated he seems to acknowledge that gay marriage would be irreconcilable with Christian doctrines but is advocating turning a blind eye to that fact to going ahead with it in the civil arena. But at the same time plans to have a religious ceremony to bless his civil union.

That's not double speak. That is triple, or maybe even quadruple, speak. Is this really a person who should be intrusted with shepherding the faithful, regardless of denomination or creed?

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