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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Murder Week

As we all know this week has marked the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It looks like some students at Yale decided to throw a week long party.

“Roe v. Wade Week” at Yale Features Do It Yourself Abortions
Celebrations for “Roe v. Wade Week” at Yale University on Thursday featured a workshop sponsored by pro-abortion clubs teaching students about the “simple procedure” of abortion; a procedure made complicated and “emotionally traumatic” by “media attention.”

The Yale Daily News reports that The Yale Medical Students for Choice invited medical students and other Yale undergraduates to a demonstration on abortion via manual vacuum aspiration - a surgical abortion method using a syringe to remove an aborted or miscarried baby or miscarriage from a woman’s womb - using papaya as a model uterus.

Merritt Evans MED ’09, a coordinator for the abortion workshop, told the Yale Daily News that she wanted to show students that abortion is “a simple procedure, but the media attention around it … makes this an emotionally traumatic and a complicated thing.”

Well that sounds like fun! Let's all get some papayas and straws and see just how much fun abortion can be. Shame on the media and pro-lifers for making it look "emotionally traumatic" and "complicated"! I mean it's easy: create life, destroy life. Who would ever get emotional over such a thing?

And now this! How dare a member of the Catholic clergy chastize a politician for his record o f pro-death voting? Good thing we have politically correct and accomodating priests and bishops to keep these types in line.

Bishop and Priest Hasten to Apologize to Pro-Abortion Politician for Homily Calling Him to Account
A Catholic deacon has been reprimanded for taking a pro-abortion Congressman to task on his voting record during a homily on “Respect Life Sunday.”

Deacon Tom McDonnell pointed out that Democrat Rep. Brian Higgins, in attendance with his family, had voted in favour of legislation allowing federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and suggested that parishioners could talk to him about his vote. The Congressman and his family walked out of the church.

Rep. Brian Higgins was endorsed in 2006 by the National Abortion Rights Action League and Planned Parenthood for his support of abortion and related legislation.

He complained that the homily was a “cheap shot” and designed to “drive a wedge” between him and the Church and implied that the Church, after the clergy sex abuse scandals, ought to remain silent on any political issue.
Shame on Deacon McDonnell. Good thing his bishop and priests were there to make sure that wedge didn't get driven too deep between Rep. Higgins and the Church. Obviously we need Rep. Higgins around to be a moral authority for the Faithful. Oh wait a minute......the Church teaches that those who actively support abortion drive thier own wedge between themselves and the Church.

And finally, the city of Santa Cruz is taking a stand!

Historically Catholic Santa Cruz Self-Declared “Pro-Choice” City
The City Council of Santa Cruz wants the city to be know as a pro-abortion center, passing a resolution earlier this week to join the Pro-Choice City Campaign, Focus on the Family’s CitizenLink reported yesterday.

In a 5-2 vote, the council adopted the “pro-choice” title Tuesday, aligning the once-Catholic city with a network of US cities dedicated to abortion activism under the banner of “reproductive health choices.”

Council member Ryan Coonerty, who supported the measure, said the council had to take a stand in response to the growing anti-abortion challenge in the country.

That a way councilman Coonerty! Show those baby huggers who's boss. If you are in need of a new slogan for you city: "Santa Cruz - Proudly supporting the murder of millions of unborn children since 2007!" Yep that should start the tourism dollars rolling in.

Have mercy on us Lord and welcome those who never had a chance at life on this earth into your kingdom.

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