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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Luukas update

From his dad on Jan. 21:

Luukas had a new EEG done yesterday and will have a magnetic brain scan next Monday. We will hear the results on February 5th. He has turned into the happiest of babies lately, talking and laughing most of the time he is awake. He has also got two teeth.

And now then: On February 23rd, we will pack ourselves into a plane and fly to Lourdes with him . This is because a priest friend of ours had been praying the rosary for him and received the idea during prayer. He says he would not say it was his idea in any way. And he isn't one that would be talking things like that all the time. So we hope it was a true sign from heaven, and at least it certainly cannot hurt to go there and pray.

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