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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chris' MEME "5 Random Things"

Matt at Absolutely No Spin has tagged me for a MEME "5 Random Things About Me" so here goes.

1. I started college as a music education major planning to be a band director. I changed my major to marketing in the middle of my 3rd year. I finished my master's degree in sport management this past spring and now work in the athletic marketing office of a major public university. I'm living proof that you don't have to have your mind made up when you start college.

2. My parents gave me a sister for my fourth birthday. My birthday party was in the hospital waiting room just a few hours after my sister was born.

3. I'm left handed and HATE those left handed desks they always tried to put me in at school. I always opted for the right handed desk.

4. I grew up in a town of less than 1200 people where you knew everybody and were related to half of them.

5. I am probably one of the most patient people you will ever meet. That doesn't mean that I'm not easily annoyed. Trust me I am. However, it is very difficult to bring me to the point of visible anger. Very few people have ever done so.

I will tag un-Muted Mumblings and My Journey into the Catholic Faith

1 comment:

KJ said...

Funny thing, that random #5 could well fit me. And I grew up in a rural area, the nearest town had less than 800 people, and thankfully I was NOT related to many. Until I got married anyway.