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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The news just keeps getting better

As you know I've been following the story of Baby Luukas for some time now. His parents have long suspected that he was showing signs of brain activity and was aware of his surroundings, something that his doctors said would never happen. Well his mom has just provided this update.

Right. The neurologist. Since Luukas is at hospital, the neurologist came to see him to his room. He was hungry and crying for food, so she couldn't check him very well, but from what she saw and from what we told her, she said that Luukas is aware of his surroundings. A neurologist said so! God is great and works miracles for us! I was proud of Luukas because he looked at the doctor so she could see this reaction and recently he starts to follow things moving in front of his eyes and he did so a little bit when she examined him.

But yesterday it was so sad to look at him being tired and crying. His breathing is getting better, though. We pray that Luukas is able to beat the virus very soon and come home.

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