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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Just when you need a reason to smile

Luukas' dad posted this update yesterday morning but I didn't see it until just now. Great news that Luukas is showing yet more signs of brain activity.
Today, something wonderful happened. I was bottle-feeding Luukas and he was falling asleep as usual. Then DW came to say something to me, kissed him and walked back towards the kitchen. Luukas opened his eyes and looked behind her. I told DW what happened, and she hurried back, talking as she got nearer. Now Luukas opened his eyes and turned his head towards his mother's voice, fixing his eyes on her for a moment, and then returned to eating. Nobody can convince me anymore that he is not conscious, and we have a grounded hope he will start communicating some time soon. God is great!!

Type the word Luukas into the search box in the sidebar for more info on this little fighter and please join in prayer for his continued improvement and full recovery.

1 comment:

la agua fresca - leading a better life? said...

My pray for Baby Luukas.

Parents know better. Keep your faith. Baby Luukas will get strength from his parents.

La Agua Fresca
=leading a better life?=