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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

If you've read this blog or know me very well you know that I detest the very thought of abortion and that I have very little patience for those who support it. I've commented before on an article that dealt with the question of screening for birth defects in order to abort deformed babies and the heartless people who would do such a thing.

The people who would like to abort babies that will otherwise be born with some defect should watch the following two videos of Dick and Rick Hoyt. Actually anyone with children or who wants to have children should watch these videos. I don't have children now but I hope that I can one day be able to show my children this kind of love.


Moonshadow said...

The trend is for routine screens and ultrasounds to be performed at earlier and earlier stages, so that parents can make their "choices" with a minimum risk of complications associated with later term abortions.

An early ultrasound with my third child suggested a fetus with a three-chamber heart. The clock was ticking and our doctors urged us strongly to terminate before 20 weeks. They thought we were crazy for refusing. We thought they were crazy for insisting. It didn't make for a good working relationship.

And, of course, a later ultrasound, around 20 weeks (the drop-dead date, if you will, as far as the doctors were concerned), revealed that everything was normal. After delivery and post-partum follow-up, I promptly changed practices.

Still, the battery of screens and ultrasounds is prescribed. I tried to waive a screen last week and my doctor said, "Oh, just get it done."

The pressure is there. The doctors think we're crazy. And they bully a little bit too.

Chris said...

I don't know if you ever saw my post titled Heartless that I link to in this one. It refers to an article that talks about people filing lawsuits against their doctors because a birth defect wasn't detected and an abortion not performed.

I'm afraid that it's those types of things that adds to the quickness of some doctors to urge abortions such as these.

Moonshadow said...

I hadn't read it ... but just did.

Screening for chromosomal abnormalities is routinely suggested for pregnant women aged 35 or older

All of my pregnancies were screened, from age 32 (risk of Downs by age).

I wasn't only advised; I was prescribed!

Downs is one of the clearer conditions to detect prenatally.

Technically, at 31, the Austrian mother falls outside the age range that would trigger the screening. But the article talks about reconsidering the range of increased risk and perhaps lowering the age at which tests are prescribed.

Yeah, I guess doctors are just trying to protect themselves.