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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Today's Jesus Sighting

I've been stuck in my apartment all day working on a paper for class. Just a few minutes ago I went out to check my mail. As I was doing so I happened to look up at the porch of the upstairs apartment near the mailboxes. There on the porch was a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. Some will say, "well you saw a statue of St. Francis not Jesus." That may be technically true. However, that I saw was someone (whoever lives there) that doesn't mind displaying their faith. They don't mind being a public witness to Christ and His Church. At least it would seem that way with a statue of a saint right next to the door. So this got me thinking, "where is my St. Francis statue on the porch?" Of course, I mean more than just a St. Francis statue on the porch. How do I provide a public witness everyday. I wear a cruxific, under my shirt. I try to remember to thank God in prayer before eating a meal (I forget more often than not and that's something else I need to work on), but I rarely make the Sign of the Cross when eating in public. I'm not talking about being a religious zeolot that borders on giving a bad image of the Faith through thier actions. I'm just thinking about the small little details. The simple things that might make someone stop and think about thier relationship with God just like a statue of St. Francis on a strangers porch has made me think about mine.

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