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Monday, March 26, 2007

Its been a rough Lent

As my few readers can tell, I had taken to the blog with a new vengeance for a few weeks and then I've slacked off a lot. Part of that has been the attention that I've been focusing on my other blog, Catholic Converts as that little project really took off after the first of the year.

But mostly, the last few weeks have been a spiritual roller coaster. I think I've been to confession three times so far during Lent and need to go again (hopefully tomorrow). It's all very frustrating.

I bought Death on a Friday Afternoon by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus to read during Lent. I didn't start reading it until after the 3rd week of Lent, read the first two chapters, and haven't opened it in a week.

And twice in the last week, once about five minutes ago, the thought has entered my mind to completely abandon both of my blogs and just slip back into total anonymity.

As I mentioned in a post an my other blog, when I was in RCIA our director told us right before our first confessions to paint broad strokes without going into too much detail since we would be at a communal penance service and they didn't want things to move too slowly. This was welcome news to my ears since it meant I could be pretty general and avoid detailing some particularly embarrassing things from my past. I've been thinking a lot about this the past couple of weeks and have come to the conclusion that I need to really hammer it all out in the confessional.

I wondering if I haven't been able to say out of the confessional for any length of time during this Lenten season because I need/want to get this taken care of. Is it possible that after each time I go to confession and don't bring this up that on some subconscious level I seek an immediate need to go to confession?


Anonymous said...

My advice is never very good , but I would advise the following:
1) a hug - *sends you one*
2) a cup of tea
3) find a good Priest, hammer out the issue--in or out of the Confessional
4) Pray more; if sin comes near, pray even harder
5) don't think about "it"
6) oh, and remember there's plenty sinners in the world, me included.

Keep your blog; it's enjoyable. Blog less if you need to; I've found that keeping away from the Internet can actually keep my morals better.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I don't think having to go to Confession is a failure; it is an achievment to recognise our need to ask the Lord for forgiveness. We cannot be healed without God's Mercy.

Chris said...

Thanks for you comments and for pointing out something very important.

I didn't mean to imply that I viewed having to go to Confession as a failure. I'm thankful that God has given me the grace to recognize my sinfulness and provided something so great as the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Hmm, I think we may have different views on a very important matter. When you say "cup of tea" I assume you mean a cup of hot tea. To me, tea means a glass of iced sweet tea. :-)

Anonymous said...

But tea is tea, and if it is happy tea, all the better then.

Sorry I implied you maybe felt it was a failure; I just wanted to make sure you felt it was a wonderful thing.

Moonshadow said...

Remember, confession was made for man, not man for confession. Mark 2:23