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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

From the Pro-Life front:

The Good:

Top India State Court Rules Unborn Child is "Living Person"
An Indian state consumer court has delivered an unprecedented ruling in favour of a woman seeking an insurance claim on the death of an unborn child--the court determined that the unborn baby was a living human being entitled to personhood and required the insurance company to pay the claim.

Granddaughter of Famous US Black Slave Dred Scott Fights for Unborn Rights to End Abortion
In March 1856, a black slave named Dred Scott was judged by the US Supreme Court to be less than a person. Today his great, great granddaughter, Lynne Jackson, is pointing to the case as a beacon of hope that full human rights will be extended to all citizens, regardless of their age, size or degree of dependency.

The Bad, Sickening, Heartless . . . and probably the one in most need of prayer

Boston Woman Suing Abortion Practitioner and Planned Parenthood for Failing to Kill Daughter
The Boston Globe reports that a Charlestown woman is suing Planned Parenthood and one of their abortionists for child support after the latter failed to kill her daughter in 2004.

Jennifer Raper, 45, is including a second doctor in the suit who, she says, failed to inform her that she was still pregnant after the attempted abortion. The suit was filed Thursday in Suffolk Superior Court and is awaiting screening before being allowed to go to trial.

The suit alleges that Dr. Allison Bryant did not "properly" abort the child, who is now two, "causing the plaintiff to remain pregnant."

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