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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the latest on Baby Luukas

Luukas continues to show small signs of progress and hope. This little guy is a big example of what prayer and Christian charity can do. How many people can say that they have united people from around the world in prayer? I would venture to say that it its not too many. . . pretty impressive for a newborn child in Finland.

From his mom:

Just came back from a doctor's routine check-up. As we had already known, Luukas' physical state is all right, and even more than before, because his lungs are better. The doctor said something about his being more prone to pneumonia and too weak coughing, but I don't know where her "knowledge" came from as she doesn't see Luukas daily and we know he coughs, and since his lungs are now ok, it should mean he coughs enough, right? Hopefully she said only what she had read in the doctors' statement from last month, and besides she added that she can't really know because she usually doesn't deal with babies like Luukas.

And as for Luukas' brain. Well, babies at his age usually keep eye-contact and smile. And the doctor said so. So we can pray that Luukas does that some day.

But we have noticed recently that he pays attention (stops crying, opens his eyes wider) to sounds like running water or a beep made by a rubber duck. That is brain activity, isn't it?
To read more about Luukas' story type his name into the search box in the sidebar.

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