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Saturday, July 22, 2006

communion patens making a comeback

At least in the local parish they are. I happened to attend the 5:00 pm Mass at the local parish tonight. I normally attend the university parish in town but decided to go to St. Joseph's tonight. Before Mass the priest highlighted an announcement in the bulletin concerning altar server training. He asked that anyone interested in being an altar server and all existing altar servers attend the training in order to learn to use the communion patens that will be returned to use in the parish!

I was very happy to hear that the local parish is taking this step in the right direction. My parish doesn't use patens for communion, actually I've only been to one Mass anywhere when they were. I currently receive in the hand even though I would prefer to receive on the tongue. However, I'm always nervous about the consecrated host falling without the safety net of a paten. I do try to be very careful to check my hands for any stray particles. Maybe the return of patens for communion will catch on, or already be standard wherever I move next, and I won't have this problem.


Moonshadow said...

I would prefer to receive on the tongue ... I'm nervous about the consecrated host falling

Depending on the skill of the minister and the size of the host, it's less likely to fall if placed directly on the tongue. I have never been concerned about stray particles on my hands.

"altar" ends in "ar", not "er".

Chris said...

Thanks for the comment.

I actually did notice a stray particle recently, which got me to thinking more about this subject.

KaleJ said...

good point Chris. I hadn't thought of that in the tongue versus hand debate. Thanks for bringing it up.