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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm back and an update on Luukas

I am back from my trip east. Hopefully, I will know something on the possible job in the next few days.

I was very happy to see this update on Baby Luukas:

From his dad:

Thank you all for your continuing prayers Smile Today we went to see the local midwife with him, and it was a very positive visit. He weighs already 4 kg which means that he has gained 60 g (2+ oz.) a day now that he is fed according to his own appetite, without the tube. The midwife also said that if she had not seen Luukas' papers, she would not suspect anything extraordinary.

The midwife also gave us a very simple picture - a yellow smiling "face" (two black dots as eyes and a black line as the smile) on a red background. Later, we put the picture at his bedside. When DW put him to the bed to sleep, he opened his eyes a bit and apparently saw the picture, because his eyes went wide open and he just stared at the picture for a few minutes, becoming very lively when he had previously been falling asleep. If I am not mistaken and not just imagining this all, it seems like a very sure sign of brain activity. Glory be to God and thank you all for your prayers Smile Please keep up the good work!

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