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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rites of the Church

There has been a discussion going on about Catholicism and Orthodoxy on the Catholic Converts blog.

A side discussion about the different rites within the Catholic Church has grown out of that one. This is something that I've found myself interested in. I think it might be what I've been waiting for to give this blog a boost. My intention is to research the various rites and blog about each one. Some of them are obscure however, so finding information may be difficult. If you know of any good resources please pass them on.

Another reason why this interest me is something that happened at Mass this past Sunday. There is a gentleman that attends Mass at my church with what I assume is his wife and children. I had assumed that he must have been from the Eastern tradition by the way he made the Sign of the Cross from right shoulder to left shoulder (I noticed this when he was in front of me a few times). Anyway, this past Sunday I was some what surprised during the entrance procession to see this same gentleman in full vestments. Turns out he is a priest from on of the Eastern Catholic Churches and as concelebrating Sunday's Mass. It was defiantly interesting to here him chant the Gospel reading.

I'm looking forward to learning more about this aspect of the Catholic Faith.


Seminarian Matthew said...

Personally I love the Tridentine Rite. I have also seen video of the Sarum Rite and know people in the Byzantine Rite.

I have a blog article on some of the rites, but I am also looking for more information on some of them in addition to more videos.

Annabel said...

Looking forward to you sharing more about it. I love the new picture of you. You are so cute! (O.k. maybe not the word you want to hear, but it's true none-the-less) Gee, if I were about 10 years younger!

Chris said...

Thanks Annabel!