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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

wonderful news

From Luukas' dad:

I think I'm in love with St Lucy.

We went to see the eye doctor today. When she examined Luukas he showed quite clearly that he was fixing his eyes on many different objects and even following them, though only for a short time. Of course his vision is extremely far from perfect, but at least he sees light, wide stripes and movement. And he has great problems in directing his eyes on whatever he wants to look at. Now we have instructions on what to do to help him with all that. The doctor said his vision can only improve from now on, but nobody can say how good it will be. We'll be talking to St Lucy again, I think Wink

1 comment:

Luukas - Lukaszek said...

Thank you, uncle Chris! :)
P.S. Can I send you a Christmas card? Would you give me your address? (oraczowie at elisanet dot fi)