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Monday, November 06, 2006

Possible 2nd miracle attributed to John Paul II

Miracle attributed to John Paul II


chikashi said...

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James said...

I guess we should all be praying to dead people instead of Jesus...
I guess you can see how I feel about this topic :O)

Anonymous said...

James is quite right in that EVERYTHING is attributal to God.
However, just as God CHOOSES, from time to time, to send messages by Angels so also there is nothing untoward in God choosing to allow His Angel Saint Michael to drive Satan from heaven or in God choosing a communion of saints. God did not NEED Apostles but He chose to use them and God does not need the communion of saints but that is what He has chosen. It has something to do with the family God has chosen.

Greg (Australia)

Chris said...

Thanks Greg. I've been meaning to address this. As you can see I've neglected the blog for quite a while. I think it is important to understand that when we "pray to" a saint we aren't asking the saint to actually perform a miracle for us, but rather we are asking them to pray for and with us just as we may has one of our friends or family members.