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Thursday, September 14, 2006

A heartbreaking story

Please pay a visit to The Story of Emmie-Rose and ad this child to your prayers.

Basically, it seems that the doctors at U of M have decided that Emmie-Rose is a lost cause and have decided to refuse her both treatment and nourishment. Emmie-Rose has continued to live after they discontinued treatment so now they have decided to starve her to death.

This story reflects so much of what is wrong with society today. Our society has stopped believing in miracles. We have studied our way out of faith.

Our doctors have abandoned the vow of protecting human life and easing the pain of the suffering for a preference to the culture of death. It is cases like this one that are so reminiscent of the Terri Schivo case. I am saddened that our culture has resorted to the inhumane practice of starving those who are deemed "imperfect".

From that limited information made available on the above linked blog it seems that there is little hope for this baby. But, that in now way gives anyone the right to deny this child the basic necessities of life (food, water, and shelter). By virtue of her human dignity this child is entitled to at least these basics. Sadly many in our society have cast aside the notion of human dignity.

Please pray for this family and help spread the word. Both prayer and the blogosphere have accomplished great things. Let's combine these two tools in the fight for life and human dignity.

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